Women of Impact CS Events

Join the Women of Impact Movement

Women touch every aspect of business, family and community while holding the buying power in most households. Women effect consumer trends, household spending, financial services, education, food and healthcare. Your business can be at the forefront of the minds of over 1500 women in attendance of the Women of Impact Series alone. Networking potential in the conference realm in addition to exposure in the marketing materials will reach thousands of households, businesses and communities directly.

Each Conference consists of a general session with women from all walks of life will receive information from best selling authors, mothers, veterans, military spouses, single mothers, college students and entrepreneurs sharing tips and tools to advancing in all areas of life. Women are afforded the opportunity to participate in break-out sessions in classrooms with the following presentations:

Financial Literacy (managing money, credit, investments, etc) Healthy Relationship Building
Health and Wellness
Beauty and Brains

Educational Advancement Resources
Healing and Strength Building
Parenting Strategies in Present Times
Author’s Roundtable (book signings with multiple authors)